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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Christmas Countdown, Day 9, 18 days left!!

What would you ask Santa if you could interview him?? Email me your answer to:addy@addelynn.com and I will post them on my blog!! Or maybe a letter to Santa?? Also, through my blog I want to try to start an editorial called Dear Addy! If you have a question, same thing: email it to me!! Or, if you have a special Christmas tradition or anyting related to Christmas during the Countdown...PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me know!! Or any ideas or posts that you would like to see on my blog just let me know!! Because this IS a reader's blog;-)
Today, my Christmas List:

iTunes gift card
Insulated Water bottle from Scheels
Slammers things!
Wall iPod charger
Under armour items
A hawkeye sweatshirt(I cant believe I dont have 1!!!)
A pretty flash drive!
Beyonce Documentary
Barnes n' noble gift card
Whats your Christmas List or hanukkah List? Or just something in general that you would like to get??
NOTE: I did not post my list because I am asking you to get me anything:-P

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