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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Christmas Countdown: Day 4, 25 days left!! Happy 1st!

Today is the annual start to my family's advent "calendar"(it's more of a box). A tradition in our house is to do this advent(let's just call it a box) from December 1st-24th. What we do: My mom(or dad) puts a clue in the box of the day that it is(i.e. today would be box 1) and us kids read the clue and figure out where the clue is having us go to...once we do that we go to the room(obviously) and in the room is our "present of the day". Sometimes the present is a "share" present meaning that the present is for all of us. But sometimes we have ones to ourselves, some yearly presents are the homemade gift from mom(years past: quilts, shower tote...those are the two I can remember.) every year we get socks, a book and just some things that we might've asked for! It is a ton of fun and is making memories, it is something to pass down the generations!! Do you guys have any holiday traditions? Btw- thought I would share this pic!

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  1. Cool picture Addy! Will it countdown when each day goes by?