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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Favorites...LIST #1

Okay!! It's been awhile(: I am a list-making type of person. When I was younger I used to make "excited" lists about what I was excited about:-) Nowadays its more of to-do lists! I have decided to come out with my favorite things lists edition for my blog:) Enjoy!
So, I'm very sure that we all have our Hot and cold, love and hate or salt and pepper TV shows...BUT today I am going to share with you my top 6 TV shows and you can probably tell more about me after reading this post(: Hopefully you find that after reading about my shows you will feel the need to comment about your favorite shows! Enjoy!

#6: This may sound a little odd for an eleven year old to be saying but my #6 favorite show is...
Now, I will usually write a little summary of what the show is about, but for the this one the title pretty much tells ya all there is to know! Ya know?! Why ABC you say?! Lets just say that my Tv never really leaves channel 9 :-D

#5: For good ol' number 5 we have...wait for it..

I absolutely LOVEEEEEEEEEEEE this GMA(yes I also love u too, Gma!!) but, GMA is what motivates me to get up in the morning! It must be pretty motivational because I,( now if you know me, I LOVE MY SLEEP!!!!!!) got up at 4am this Summer to actually get to GO to GMA!!! Here's proof:

#4: For #4 we have...
 I mean, what teen in America DOESN'T like Glee?!?! Not even that what female adult?! Ill be curious to see how far it goes though...I think that it would be cool to have these kids graduate and new kids come in. I think thats whats going to have to happen! I am very annoyed that the whole rachel and Finn thing is STILL going on after what, like 3 seasons!!! **SPOILER*** Last night Finn proposed to Rachel so we'll see what happens!

#3:   CASTLE
Like I said before, our tv pretty much never leaves abc so this fits that! My favorite type of TV show police/detective or homicide...Richard Castle is a writer working with the NYC police force!! Love this show!!

#2: If i hadnt discovered my number 1, then Cake Boss would definitely be #1!!! I LOVE this show SO much!!! Especially Buddy's accent! I don't know why i would like a show about people making cakes but they make SO elaborate cakes and I just can't wait to see what they are going to make next!!!

#1: Okay, this is BY FAR my favorite show of all time!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can we have a drumroll please?!?!

MONKObsessive. Complusive. Detective.

I discovered this show on Easter!! From then unitl about a week ago I watched 173 episodes of this show!! That is how good it is!! Adrian Monk has all sorts of issues:OCD and any kind of phobia that exists...including milk! But he has an eye for details that every other detective on the San Francisco Police Department misses while on importnat homicide cases! All I can say is GO OUT AND WATCH THIS SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you, and have a GREAT day!!!!




  2. LOVE Most of these shows!! And also my #1 - MONK
    LOVE LOVE it family watches it all the time lol