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Monday, March 19, 2012


Now I know that there is very great controversy behind this! Are you Team Gale or Peeta? In honor of "The Week of Hunger Games" I ask you, are you team Peeta or Gale? You can either comment(yes,  I love comments!) or vote on the poll! There is such great controversy behind this that it split up my soccer team! One practice my soccer team got into a discussion about whether you were on Team Peeta or Gale that my coach banned the words, so then we started to use code words! It then just got to be we split into teams and scrimmaged it out! I am very proud to say that team Gale won! There are very equal pros and cons to the side and I am holding back my opinions becuase I would like to start an open-minded discussion what do you think? Gale or Peeta, peeta or Gale? Did you approve with how Suzanne Collins ended the series or how she portrayed one of the guys? Let it out! What about the actors cast?


Looking forward to the discussion! In honor of Hunger games week I am publishing every day leading up to Saturday and on Saturday will put out a post on THE MOVIE!!!!!!! Talk to you soon!                    -Addy


  1. Hahaha! Everyone Seems to LOVE Gale! I Love him a lot too! BUT In the end book, I just had to pick Peeta. But I give lots of respect to Gale too!

  2. You do know, Addy, that Gale's team only won because he had all the people who hadn't read the books, because his fangroup was sooo small.